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SSM - CAB 699

Measuring Unit
Digital signal processing for high accuracy

Color, clearly-visible unbalance display and reliable readout

Ergonomic operator concept

Numerous software modules for universal and special balancing tasks
Product Specification
CAB 699 has proven itself, not only in balancing of rigid rotors but also with rotors that have elastic behaviour. It offers a broad application range as well as extraordinary accuracy in signal conditioning and measurements to evaluate the rotor behaviour during run-up as well as measure vibration velocity, shape deviation or impact values as extra-cost options. Software for carrying out unbalance correction supplements this very powerful measuring system.
CAB 699 is a high-performance measuring instrument that has been proven for both rigid and flexible rotors. It offers a broad application range ( measuring range 10-10000 rpm) and extraordinary accuracy with regard to signal processing and measurement. It is the ideal instrument for balancing at operating speed and recording measuring values in order to assess the rotor behaviour during acceleration. It is also perfectly suited for measuring the vibration velocity, deviations in shape and eccentricity values. In addition, this measuring system is supplemented by powerful and comprehensive correction software.
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